Dynamic Positioning Appreciation

Dynamic Positioning Appreciation

2 days

£650 + VAT

Dynamic Positioning Appreciation Overview

The Dynamic Positioning Appreciation course is for delegates to gain the basic principles, the advantages and limitations that DP vessels offer.

Course Content

The Dynamic Positioning Appreciation course is a mix of theory and practical training on our Kongsberg K-Sim Class C DP simulator in which delegates will learn the following:

  • Role and Certification of DP operators
  • The functions of a DP system, vessel model and DP principles
  • DP system definitions, elements of a DP system, DP systems redundancy and Class Requirements
  • IMCA guidance for DP vessel operation manoeuvring
  • Rules and regulations
  • DP Checklists and FMEA
  • Demonstration and practical exercises
  • Introduction to sensors and position reference systems and the DP system’s use of position measurements
  • Vessel capability, DP consequence analysis and DP motion prediction
  • DP Alert System
  • Thrusters and manoeuvring systems
  • Power systems and Blackout Prevention
  • Documentation
  • Open discussions.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific requirements for this course, however it is intended for those who work on vessels and onshore but require basic understanding of DP systems.

Course Benefits

Delegates will gain practical experience in an environment close to reality on our Kongsberg simulators.

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