Small Ships Navigation and Radar

ECDIS Training

Small Ships Navigation and Radar Overview

Humber Maritime College will be running this course free of charge for up to 6 attendees on 10th January 2022.

This will be the first course of its type to be run at Humber Maritime College and an MCA surveyor will be in attendance for the whole or part of the course to ensure its compliance with the MCA course criteria.

Course Content

The successful running of this course, to MCA requirements, will provide students with certification enabling them to meet the requirements of the Workboat Code, Appendix 2, related to the operational use of Radar. The course will also cover the following key navigational learning outcomes:

I) the principles of safe navigational watchkeeping

2) the use of radar and other typical navigational equipment including correct setting up procedures

3) the use of radar plotting aids including automatic aids

4) Sound basic chartwork

5) Selection of navigational data appropriate to the prevailing circumstances

6) use of Electronic charts and AIS

7) Effective bridge watchkeeping organisation

8) Access to weather reports and predictions

9) The planning and execution of passages in confined and open waters, including the use of relevant navigational publications.


At the end of the training the participants will be able to evaluate and make efficient use of navigational information to aid the safe navigation of their vessels and fully appreciate the dangers involved with the misuse of radar and other electronic navigation systems.

This is a practical course with hands on use of our simulators for radar and electronic chart systems. The course includes a number of important exercises run on our full mission bridge simulator. Exercises will simulate real situations and promote high standards of safe navigation and watchkeeping which may be applied in any coastal sea area.

Theory will be light but consistent with knowledge required to operate the equipment effectively. There are no formal exams with this course but attendees must demonstrate good navigational practice which will be assessed during the exercises.


Places will be in demand for this free course so individuals or organisations who wish to attend should contact the college as soon as practicable to register and for any further information

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