The Use of Radar & Non-ECDIS Marine Electronic Chart Systems

ECDIS Training


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The Use of Radar & Non-ECDIS Marine Electronic Chart Systems Overview

This is a two day course intended as an introduction to Radar and ECS for those working on small ships and where the student may not have had any prior training.

The aims and outcomes are listed below with successful students receiving a Humber Maritime College Certificate of Completion.

Interested organisations and individual seafarers should contact the college.


Course Content

This course has been developed alongside industry to provide training for marine personnel, primarily working on small craft and workboats, in the use of radar and electronic chart systems (ECS) as applied to such craft.

It is a two-day programme of 16 hours of classroom discussion, demonstration and simulation, primarily using the ECDIS / NAEST suite at Humber Maritime College with use also of our full mission simulator.

It is intended as an introductory course to radar and ECS with the programme very practical in nature. Any theoretical knowledge presented is aligned to the interpretation of instrumentation and data.



  • Radar as a ranging device
  • The function of different controls
  • Setting-up procedures
  • Limitations which can affect radar data
  • Sea and Precipitation Clutter
  • Radar use for position fixing and general navigation
  • North up and Head up display
  • Use of radar for collision avoidance.


  • Principle types of ECS
  • Analyse information provided by ECS
  • Set up an ECS
  • Use ECS for navigation
  • Adjust ECS for different conditions
  • Limitations of ECS and errors in display data
  • Safe water and hazard features
  • Information from radar and ECS interface systems
  • Parallel Indexing as a tool for navigation
  • Passage Planning.

Entry Requirements

It is suitable for those with limited or no formal training in the use of radar and ECS and as a refresher for those with more experience.

Assessment Method

There are no written assessments but students are required to participate fully in all of the learning outcomes.

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