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Good luck deck cadets

Good luck to our deck cadets who finish their first college phase with us today, we hope you enjoy your first sea phase ⚓🛳. We cannot wait to hear all about it.
We asked two of our cadets how they are feeling about their time at sea:
Jake Peart said “I have enjoyed phase 1 and the college is great. In phase 2 I will be in the Southern North Sea with my sponsor, Boston Putford. I look forward to the experience and the challenge of the rough north seas.”
Matthew Cocker said: “I am very much looking forward to going to sea in the coming months as it will be an exciting experience. What I’m looking forward to most, apart from going to sea, is coming back and starting the HNC in phase 3 having been to sea, where I will be able to apply the new knowledge and skills I will have gained.”